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One mind can produce many great things, as can two or three.   Synergy was the big word for it 40 years ago.  Before that, the whole was greater than the sum of its parts.

Business can be a maze or amazing.  We see the latter.

Business can be a maze or amazing.  We see the latter.

Let's just call it "Trigger".  Great minds and great thoughts trigger other directions and concepts.  They use each other as foundations and building blocks.

If you have great ideas, are an entrepreneur, a manager, or an investor this is where is all comes together.  This is not about hoping that one out of ten will payback.  This is where 10 will create 20 and the meaning and results of exponential are seen.

All the pages here represent current activities and businesses that are in or at some point in their development.

Partnership Options is looking for entrepreneurs to be part of the executive team and run or be involved in one of the many activities.  Basically one person or a group (executive team members) would be in charge of continued development  of one of the five areas; Marketing, Travel, Health Care, Learning, Eco Sphere.  In turn each of those categories has several subsidiaries.  The executive team would be responsible for developing their subsidiaries to their full potential.  The executive team would be shareholders in both Partnership Options and in each of their subsidiaries (based on the performance of their area).

We envision each subsidiary having a Managing Director with full responsibility for their assigned business. They would be supported by the executive team and would be part of the management committee.